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LAX Designs Paparazzi-Proof Terminal

TIME : 2016/2/29 16:49:54
These Are the Last Pictures of Celebrities in LAX You May Ever See 2015 Bauer-Griffin

The airport responsible for most of our celebrity travel outfit creeping is cutting us off. Delta has put $229 million behind their plans to redesign LAX’s Terminal 5, specifically so that the paparazzi will have a much harder time getting to their star-studded subjects. Delta ONE—the name of the new check-in lounge—has been three years in the making. It features a curbside entrance and a security checkpoint that’s directly available to loungers from the secluded space. In short, celebrities will be able to step right into the lounge right from their cars, avoiding crowded check-in areas and security lines.

This isn’t just any waiting room. The 3,200-foot space houses two seating areas, a refreshment bar, two restrooms, and a service desk made from the tail of a DC9 jet, among other celebrity-worthy services. Delta has plans for more ONE lounges throughout the country—New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle are all on the list. Delta celebrated the lounge’s ribbon cutting on Wednesday, so you’d better take in the celebrity airport sights while you still can.

2015 Bauer-Griffin GVK/Bauer-Griffin
2015 Bauer-Griffin GVK/Bauer-Griffin
2015 Bauer-Griffin Light Brigade/Bauer-Griffin
2015 Bauer-Griffin JOCE/Bauer-Griffin
2015 Bauer-Griffin GVK/Bauer-Griffin

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