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Peninsula Tokyo Pokémon Adventure

TIME : 2016/2/29 18:30:15
Head Over to the Peninsula Tokyo for a Live-Action Pokémon Adventure

You know you want to.

If the words Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur make sense to you then pack your bags for the Peninsula Tokyo. The hotel has a Pokémon-themed adventure that is a must for fans of all sizes.

Should they choose to accept their mission, upon check-in, guests over the age of five can grab a Pikachu hat and a Poké Ball and set out, armed only with a detective notebook, a hotel map, and some tips from special investigator Lucario. Their task is to find and recapture the Pokémon characters that have gotten loose and are hiding throughout the hotel.

To catch all the characters, the deputy investigators will need to solve puzzles, crack codes, and use a magnifying glass to look for clues placed throughout the premises. As they search, junior trackers will explore the world of Pokémon thanks to digital displays stashed in ten locations around the hotel. The only clue the hotel will share ahead of time is that the hunt ends in a secret chamber with a “magic mirror” hidden deep within the property.

Designed exclusively for the luxury hotel by the Pokémon Company, the game is offered in both Japanese and English, making it the ultimate adventure for Pokémon fans from around the world.

Junior Pokémon trainers who take part in the hunt will receive a Pikachu plush doll outfitted like a Peninsula page to cuddle up with at night as dreams of Pikachu Illustrator Cards and being a full-fledged Pokémon trainer dance through their heads.

The Peninsula Tokyo’s Pokémon Hotel Adventure: The Power of Ten package includes Pikachu hats and dolls for two, American breakfast for three, and complimentary use of the hotel’s fitness facility and swimming pool.

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