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Equatorial Guinea Weather, Climate and Geography

TIME : 2016/2/15 18:05:41
Equatorial Guinea Weather, climate and geography

Weather & climate

Best time to visit: 

Tropical climate all year round. Rainfall is heavy for most of the year, decreasing slightly in most areas between December and February.

Required clothing: 

Lightweight cottons and linens. Waterproofing is necessary.


Equatorial Guinea is bordered to the south and east by Gabon, to the north by Cameroon and to the west by the Gulf of Guinea. The country also comprises the island of Bioko, formerly Fernando Po, 34km (21 miles) off the coast of Cameroon, and the small offshore islands of Corisco, Great Elobey, Small Elobey and Annobón (formerly Pagalu). The mainland province, Rió Muni, is mainly forest, with plantations on the coastal plain and some mountains. Bioko rises steeply to two main peaks in the north and south. The southern area is rugged and inaccessible. Cultivation and settlements exist on the other slopes; above the farming land, the forest is thick. The beaches around the islands are extremely beautiful.

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