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Mafunyani Cultural Village

TIME : 2016/2/17 10:26:57

Home of the descendants of former local chief Kapama, Mafunyani Cultural Village offers an interesting insight into traditional Tsonga-Shangaan life. The village recreates all aspects of tribal culture, and head Axon Khosa or his son Matimba can explain practices from polygamy to bush schools. Admission includes a one-hour tour and lunch (R95) is available. There are also evening tours (including dinner and dancing) for R175. If you want to eat, book ahead.

To reach the village, travel south (towards White River) on Rte 40 for 30km and turn onto Rte 531, which leads to Kruger’s Orpen Gate. After 1km you will see the signposted turn-off to the village.