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Bukit Malawati

TIME : 2016/2/17 14:53:32

It’s a short walk through landscaped parklands to the top of Bukit Malawati, with views across the mangrove dotted coastline. Once an administrative and military fort, all that remains today are sections of wall, cannons and a poisoned well used to torture traitors. At the summit is a picturesque British lighthouse (dating from 1910), and a podium for viewing the new moon. Further down the hill is the Royal Mausoleum, the burial ground for the first three sultans of Selangor.

The road up Bukit Malawati starts basically from the edge of town. It does a clockwise loop of the hill; you can walk up and around in less than an hour.

Tame silvered leaf monkeys hang out here but resist feeding them.