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Gadaladeniya Temple

TIME : 2016/2/17 16:05:13

This Buddhist temple with a Hindu annex dates from the 14th century and the main shrine room contains a seated Buddha. Built on a rocky outcrop and covered with small pools, the temple is reached by a series of steps cut into the rock.

At the time of research, scaffolding and a tin roof covered this temple in an effort to protect it from further rain-induced erosion.

It’s a 3km walk to Gadaladeniya Temple from the Lankatilake Temple, or you can catch a bus from Kandy; bus 644 (Rs 28), among others, will take you there. The main Colombo–Kandy road is less than 2km from Gadaladeniya Temple – you reach the road close to the 105km post. It’s a pleasant stroll, and from the main road almost any bus will take you to the Peradeniya Botanic Gardens or on to Kandy.