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Fuyuan Forest Recreational Area

TIME : 2016/2/17 16:43:04

In an area of serene natural beauty, the 235-hectare Fuyuan Forest Recreational Area, which is run by the Butterfly Valley Resort, protects the largest pure camphor forest left in Taiwan. Quiet trails run through the reserve to waterfalls and special bird and butterfly corridors. About 100 species of birds can be found in Fuyuan, and you have a good chance of spotting the gorgeous Maroon Oriole. As for butterflies, this is one of the richest areas in the east: swallowtails are in abundance, including the exquisite Golden Birdwing.

In the late 19th and early 20th century Taiwan dominated the world market of camphor production. Extracted from the stately camphor tree, which grew in abundance at mid-level elevations, the substance was used in everything from embalming fluid to medicine to insect repellent.

The resort also has rooms starting at NT$8000 and guests and non-guests and there are also plenty of less expensive guesthouses on the road into the reserve.

It's a bit tricky getting here off Highway 9. If you are driving south, just past Km260 turn right onto a smaller road and follow this 1.1km to Guang Dong Rd (just past the police station and before a temple). Then turn right and follow this beautiful country road to the end.

From Ruisui, there is a cycling path to the Fuyuan area and you can rent bikes or scooters outside Ruisui train station on weekends. Fuyuan also has a train station but it's a bit far to the forest park.

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