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TIME : 2016/2/22 11:05:58


Jungfernstieg is Hamburg's most popular shopping street, located along the Inner Alster Lake. Its name originates from an old tradition of families who would take their unmarried daughters or maidens (Jungfern) to walk around on this promenade. Jungfernstieg was also the first street in Germany to be paved with asphalt.
The stores on Jungfernstieg are mostly upscale shops where you can find high-end clothing, shoes, and jewelry. You can also find accessories, bath products, perfumes, cosmetics, and purses. There is also a spa where you can get a massage and other wellness services. Along with department stores and boutiques, there is also a wide selection of restaurants and cafes where you can stop for a meal while you're shopping.
The most traditional building in the area is the Alster Pavilion, dating back to 1799. Today there is a restaurant there called Cafe Alex where you can have a meal or a coffee while enjoying views of the Inner Alster Lake and the big fountain in the middle of the lake. Nearby is the Alster Pier where you can join a boat tour of the lake.

Practical Info

Junfernstieg is located on the south side of the Inner Alster Lake. To get there, take U-bahn line U1, U2, or U4, or S-bahn line S1, S2, or S3 to the Jungfernstieg stop.