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Ennis Friary

TIME : 2016/2/18 22:04:36

North of the Square this friary was founded by Donnchadh Cairbreach O'Brien, a king of Thomond, between 1240 and 1249. A mix of structures dating between the 13th and 19th centuries, the friary has a graceful five-section window dating from the late 13th century, a McMahon tomb (1460) with alabaster panels depicting scenes from the Passion, and a particularly fine Ecce Homo panel portraying a stripped and bound Christ.

Objects associated with the Passion to look for include the rooster rising from a cooking pot, three dice, nails and various tools. The panel was possibly painted in earlier centuries. On the other side of the nave is a devotional relief carving of St Francis of Assisi (displaying stigmata), patron of the Franciscans who arrived in Ennis in the early 13th century. Further fascinating carvings associated with Jesus Christ and his crucifixion are displayed in glass cabinets in the nave.