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Villa di Massenzio

TIME : 2016/2/18 20:56:35

The outstanding feature of Maxentius’ enormous 4th-century palace complex is the Circo di Massenzio , Rome’s best-preserved ancient racetrack – you can still make out the starting stalls used for chariot races. The 10,000-seat arena was built by Maxentius around 309, but he died before ever seeing a race here.

Above the arena are the ruins of Maxentius’ imperial residence. Near the racetrack, the Mausoleo di Romolo was built by Maxentius for his 17-year-old son Romulus. The huge mausoleum was originally crowned with a large dome and surrounded by an imposing colonnade, in part still visible. The Torlonia family extended the tomb, turning it into a country house.