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Urnes Stave Church

TIME : 2016/2/18 23:01:29

Norway's oldest preserved place of worship is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Directly across the fjord from Solvorn, it gazes out over Lustrafjord. The original church was built around 1070, while the majority of today's structure was constructed a century later. Highlights are elaborate wooden carvings – animals locked in struggle, stylised intertwined bodies and abstract motifs – on the north wall, all recycled from the original church, and the simple crucifixion carving, set above the chancel wall.

Ticket prices include an interesting 45-minute tour in English. Be aware that it's a 20-minute uphill walk from the ferry to the church: don't dawdle, as the guided tour waits for no one. It's also worth noting that, your visit over, you won't have time to catch the very next ferry, so relax a while at Urnes Gard cafe, just below the church.