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Casa de la Moneda

TIME : 2016/2/19 1:26:44

The national mint (literally the ‘house of coin’) is a collectors’ treasure trove of coins from ancient Greece and Roman Spain, proceeding through the Byzantine, Visigothic and Islamic periods. The last period is particularly well represented. Coins from the days of the Catholic Monarchs abound, and the collection continues through to the establishment of the peseta as the Spanish currency, consigned to history by the introduction of the euro in 2002. Paper money ranges from a 14th-century Chinese note to revolutionary Russian cash. Also on display is an extensive collection of prints, grabados (etchings), lottery tickets since 1942 and stamps. You can also follow the processes involved in coining money and even strike your own medal. If you’re an old-money buff, a visit to the Plaza Mayor on Sunday morning, when the porticoes are crowded with dealers selling coins, stamps and banknotes, will nicely complement your visit to the mint.