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Altun Ha

TIME : 2-22 9:57:47
Altun Ha

Altun Ha

Altun Ha is the site of the ruins of an ancient Mayan city, and covers about 5mi (8km) squared. The central area of the site has over 500 historic structures to visit, mostly built during Maya Classic era (200-900 AD). Take a step into history at this extraordinary site, and examine the way the 10,000 inhabitants lived in the area. 

The site is divided into two main clusters, Plaza A and Plaza B, each with its own special attractions. 

Plaza A features the mysterious Temple of the Green Tomb, wherein jade, jewelry, flints, and other historic items were found. 

Plaza B is home to the biggest structure on the site, the Temple of Masonry Altar, which rises over 60ft above the plaza. Thought to be the main religious center of the civilization, the temple houses the famous head of Kinich Ahau: a 10lb (5kg) piece of jade carved into the head of the Mayan sun god. This is believed to be a national treasure of Belize, and is depicted on the local currency. 

Practical Info

Located near Rockstone Pond Village, Altun Ha can be very difficult to reach without a car, as there is no public transportation. The easiest way to reach Altun Ha is by joining a tour either in Belize City, Crooked Tree, or another nearby city. You can also walk 2mi (3km) from the village of Lucky Strike. If you prefer going independently, look into renting a car. It is possible to take a taxi, but this can be very expensive. 

For an alternative route, look into boat transport and tours out of Belize City.