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Half Caye - Belize

TIME : 2-29 9:33:52
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Go Big Red

The famed red-footed boobies of Half Moon Caye are a sight to see. I had no idea just how large the boobie colony was prior to arriving at Half Moon, but on approach the number of birds riding currents in the sky above the tiny island truly staggered me. The birds nest in the Ziricote thicket on the western lip of Half Moon, alongside massive magnificent frigate birds – the ones with the puffed-up throat sack and their air of self importance.

Anyway, this colony of red-footed boobies is one of the most unique in the world; their plumage is almost totally white, while their beaks, eyes and feet display a distinct coloration found in groups nowhere else in the world. The caye’s viewing deck puts visitors right in the center of the squawking, shrieking masses for a bird’s eye view of bird’s business.

You can usually view the birds here from mid-December through August; chicks hatch in March.

Photo Finish:
Nikon D800 | 24-70mm f/2.8 lens | Aperture f/4 | ISO-800 | Shutter 1/640 sec.