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The Little Kitchen - Belize

TIME : 2-29 9:35:26
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A Local Favorite on Caye Caulker

One struggle on Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye is deciphering which small restaurants serve the most authentic food. Almost every restaurant doubles as the front porch of a family home, which beckons the question of which family does it best? We found that many on Caye Caulker are related. With that in mind, we asked Celia, a friend we made wandering the less visited side of the island, where she likes to eat. She told us, "You should eat at my mom's, it's everyone's favorite. You might feel like you'll be robbed when you get there but it's fine." With that we went to 'Little Kitchen' and it was by far the best meal we had. Celia's mom is the only cook in the kitchen and everything is delectable, especially the cocunut snapper.