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TIME : 2016/2/22 10:49:33


A tropical garden paradise awaits you on Taveuni. Rich volcanic soil has made it a stunning nature-lover’s dream with high volcanic peaks covered in lush dense foliage.

Diving around the island is world-class, the surrounding waters are as fertile as the land and you will see sharks, turtles and loads of colorful fish all darting around the spectacular coral reefs. Subsequently the island is home to lots of good PADI approved dive companies. If you’re not keen to dive then most companies offer snorkeling which is also richly rewarding.

The best beaches for swimming are Lavena and Matei on the east and northern coasts. On the south coast there are caves and blowholes that are hard to access but worth exploring.

Practical Info

The most popular way to get to Taveuni is by airplane but there are inter-island ferries, grab a cabin if you’re keen on the 20-hours it takes to get to Taveuni from Suva.