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Elegance and beauty in the form of the Park Hyatt Zurich

TIME : 2016/2/26 11:13:23

Park Hyatt ZurichInnovational, stylish and chic, this hotel is in the centre of Zurich’s bustling business district. Not to be overlooked for leisure visitors, however, Zurich also boasts a proud artistic history which is certainly worth exploring. Zurich witnessed, for example, the birth of the eccentric Dada art movement with the creation of the ‘artist tavern’ known as Cabaret Voltaire in 1916, and has been home to many influential reformers, from Lenin to James Joyce! The Park Hyatt Zurich is just steps away from the fashionable Bahnhofstrasse shopping street, the Lake of Zurich, the Zürich Kongresshaus and the Old Town, and is thus centred where business meets leisure. In all public areas of the hotel, exquisite art objects are displayed in accordance to a carefully prepared program presenting an ensemble of representative modern and contemporary art pieces. The whole concept of the hotel focuses on elegance and beauty as well as on wit and irony – a rare display which is not to be missed.