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Useful Guide for Enjoyable and Exciting Vietnam Tour

TIME : 2016/3/18 11:57:35
A small yet majestic Southeast Asian country, Vietnam has captivating natural wonders span from the mountainous north, magnificent Halong Bay and spectacular coastline of central Vietnam to fertile plains of the Mekong Delta. Travelers will find here an exciting mix of adventure and culture in Vietnam.

When planning a holiday tour of Vietnam with family or friends, it is advisable and be useful getting enough information about the country. This will help in getting a smooth, enjoyable, and memorable holiday.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam:

One can experience a diverse climate in Vietnam that varies significantly from region to region. Dry season (October to April) is considered to be the most suitable time to visit Vietnam. At this time, travelers can experience moderate temperatures all over the country to travel around.

For those looking for best photos of mountains and hill tribe colors in the North Vietnam, May and September are the best months as these time people go on for planting and harvesting their rice crop respectively.

Culture and Custom:

It is important to know some few important customs of Vietnamese people that will help in making your visit more enjoyable.

* Do not be looked tatty or scruffy. Your dress is not you but from what people think who you are.

* Cover your shoulder and knees when entering holly places and religious sites.

* When entering a religious site, addressing the elderly or encountering esteemed people such as monks, you must remove your hat.

* Do not talk with people with your sunglasses on. It is considered unreliable and rude.

* Never lose your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase. This is considered a serious loss of face for both parties.

* Refrain yourself from public display of affection; this is offensive.

* Do not turn your back to the altar nor talk loud in holly places. Never sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar when in someone's house.

* Do not sit until shown where to sit nor pick up your chopstick before the host or oldest person does.

* Do not touch on the head of little children in the minority villages nor take picture of infants.

* Don't offer money for the right to take picture. Avoid giving materials directly to local people as it will encourage begging.

* Do not buy stuff from children since they need to be in school, not on the road and selling things. If you want to support, do it through charities or company projects.

* Do not be critical. Accept the differences and respect local standard. Take these as interesting experience you are lucky to have through your travel.

Must-visit Destinations in Vietnam:

* Hoi An- The beautiful old town, Hoi An shines in the colorful lights coming out from the lanterns (in evening). It has some vibrant tourist sites and pleasant atmosphere, which give an opportunity to explore the locals.

* Mai Chau- This small mountain village is a home to ethnic minorities.

* On Pillar Pagoda- Here some of the faithful Buddhists meet on the first and fifteen of lunar month.

* Halong Bay- It will be an amazing experience to witness a stunning sight at Halong Bay that will offer eye-catching floating villages and markets. This is an attractive spot in Vietnam that can be explored beautifully with well planned Vietnam travel package.

* Visit an appealing Mekong Delta: Vietnam's Rice Basket- Mekong Delta can prove to be a delight in exploring when added to your Vietnam itinerary. The bird sanctuary, fruit orchards and fish farms of Mekong Delta create hallucination on every passenger of Vietnam tourism.

Checklist before your Vietnam Travel:

* Travel insurance & passport with at least six months of validity from date of entry.

* Visa & Photocopy of passport.

* For summer months, you should pack light-weight clothing.

* Warm clothing for visiting North Vietnam during winter months from November to February

* Insect repellent, medication and First-aid kit.


It will be a delight to visit a most vibrant, peaceful and stunning Vietnam country, which has lot to offer. Apart from considering those above mentioned tips, you can also opt for a customized Vietnam travel package from a reputable tour operator to enjoy a safe and exciting holiday with your family and/or friends. This article is produced by Travel Authentic Asia, which offers best customized tours and Vietnam travel packages to every vacation seekers and travelers from all around the world. They want to offer every vacation seeker and traveler the opportunity of exploring great locals and feel the authentic & vibrant ambience of Vietnam.