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Bhuta Yadnya: Balinese purification ritual

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:01:34

balinese rattle The Bhuta Yadnya is a ritual which is intended to neutralize the evil power of bhutakala (evil spirits) that often bring misfortune, chaos, sickness and even death. Therefore, before performing a ceremony or any other ritual activity, a bhuta yadnya, called a mecaru is always performed. This ritual can be classified into some levels, according to the importance of the upcoming activities. The simplest event being a segehan, that consists of a little boiled rice, in 5 colors, with a small slice of ginger and onion, a drop of arak, a drop of rice wine or brem, and incense cinders. The higher level ones are caru ekasata, caru pancasata, caru panca kelud, and tawur kesanga.

Except in a segehan, the basic means of a mecaru rite is as follows: An animal’s blood and flesh, and alcoholic drinks (arak and brem) must be provided. Cockfighting is ceremonial way of getting the blood and flesh. Noise making equipment, including a kentongan (bamboo bell), a gentorag ( a number of bronze bells), a sungu (horn made of sea shell), a sapu lidi (broom of palm-leaf ribs) and a tulud (ground cleaning tool) can be used.