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Pasar Seni Kuta Bali

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:01:50

pasar seni kuta baliPasar Seni Kuta (Kuta Art Market) is located between Kuta Square / Jl.Kartika Plaza and the beach. Its quite a large area and has rows of stalls, selling the same stuff you’ll find all over Kuta. The idea ‘if it works for your neighbor, copy it’, has been fully blown out in this neighborhood and most people are twiddling their thumbs, due to the downturn in tourism. Wandering the art market today I did see some wooden clocks, that were in the shape of a giant wrist watch, quite clever. There were hanging Jesus’s, picture carvings with elephants, 4ft long carved lizards painted in Aboriginal motifs, Hawaiian shirts, baseball hats, surf shorts, Bintang t-shirts and mess-topped bamboo food dishes.

It costs nothing to browse a pasar seni, and if you don’t want to but just say, “Saya lihat-lahat saja.” (I’m only looking).

Pasar seni is open from 9-10am and closes at 7pm-8pm.

Pasar Seni
Kuta Beach