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Missing Adam Air flight: debris found

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:03:23

Wreckage from the missing Adam Air flight that dissappeared 12 days ago, on a route from Surabaya to Manado, has been found. Locals on the western coast of Sulawesi have reported finding part of the tailplane stabilizer, with a serial number matching that of the missing plane. Authorities are now focusing there search on the western coastal area of Sulawesi.

Here’s more from the Jakarta Post

10 objects in Mallusetasi waters belong to Adam Air

MAKASSAR (Elshinta): 10 objects found by the search and rescue team in Mallusetasi waters off Parepare, South Sulawesi were confirmed Thursday as parts of a missing Adam Air jetliner.

Elshinta radio station quoted Commander of Makassar Air Base First Air Marshal Eddy Suyanto on Thursday that those objects belong to Adam Air.

The objects are five tables, a safety vest, a seat cover, and several objects made from fiberglass.

Tail of missing Adam Air jetliner found

JAKARTA (Elshinta): The tail of the missing Adam Air jetliner has been found by a fisherman in Lojie waters, Mallusetasi subdistrict, South Sulawesi, an official was quoted by Elshinta radio station as saying.

Bambang Karnoyudho said on Thursday that the tail was found on Wednesday afternoon.

He said a team has checked the tail with Adam Air management and the latter confirmed that the tail was part of the missing Adam Air airplane.

“With the finding, we now focus our search activities in the Mallusetasi waters,” he said.