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Ianshen Art Shop: Legian Bali

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:04:06

ianshen art shopNext to Kaka Surf Shop, on Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna, in Legian, is Ianshen Art Shop. Although the sign says ‘handicrafts & souvenir’, the predominant product is drums. When I visited, both staff were in the process of enjoying their nasi campur, so I played with the drums for a short while, trying to get a sense of value. The staff told me prices of drums varied greatly, depending on size, materials and craftsmanship (your negotiating skills also come into that, which wasn’t mentioned). A basic 2 ft tall drum, with an artificial ‘skin’ and a plain exterior, was 75,000rp. This went up incrementally with size (175,000rp, 300,000rp, 400,000rp etc). For a rabbit skin drum the price is higher. The staff pointed out a drum made out of black heavy wood, which they said was like ebony. They told me it was the only one in the shop, the price 750,000rp.

Many drums have elaborate carving, which adds value and cost to the manufacture, which is reflected in the asking price. I imagine if you had the time to shop around, prices would come down a lot. They knock out plain drums, like KFC knocks out chicken legs.

Also on sale were kids guitars, rattles, shakers and other noise making paraphenalia. It would be fun to have your own custom drum made, and I’m these guys would welcome the challenge. Stop by if you are walking from Jl. Padma Utara (Jayakarta) through to Jl. Double Six. The shop is open daily till about 8pm.

Ianshen Art Shop: Legian Bali
Jl. Pura Bagus Taruna #533