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Roti Segar – Fresh bread in Seminyak Bali

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:06:54

breadSeminyak has a new place to pick up fresh bread (how things have changed since the 80′s). Roti Segar on Jl. Oberoi, serves a small selection of locally made, Italian style bread. The shop is attached to an interior design place, so you’ll have to lookout for the fresh bread sign outside. According to the business card, they serve ‘Italian country bread baked in a wood fired oven’. I tried a jam filled croissant, for 4,000rp and it was okay. Inside the small shop was a range of good looking bread products.

Here is a list of the breads and prices available at Roti Segar.

Pagnotta di Genzano 500gr
– 15,000rp
Pagnotta di Genzano 1kg – 25,000rp
Filone (long bread) 300gr – 7,000rp
Ciabatta (flat bread) 300gr – 7,000rp
Biova 300gr – 9,000rp
Ciabatta with olives 300gr – 14,000rp
Ciabatta with endive 300gr – 9,000rp
Ciabatta with rucola 300gr - 9,000rp
Ciabatta with olives 150gr – 9,000rp
Ciabatta with endive 150gr – 6,000rp
Ciabatta with rucola 150gr – 5,000rp
Focaccia with onion 500gr – 30,000rp
Focaccia with tomato 500gr – 30,000rp
Focaccia with rosemary 500gr – 30,000rp
Focaccia plain 500gr – 28,000rp
Focaccia Genovese – 25,000rp
Brown Bread (wholemeal) 600gr – 16,000rp
Ciabatta Integrale (wholemeal) 300gr - 9,000rp
Filone Integrale (wholemeal) 300gr - 9,000rp
Pagnotta di Genzano (wholemeal) 500gr - 18,000rp

There is a range of cakes and croissants too. Stop in for one, to see how good the place is!

Roti Segar
Jl. Oberoi 99X
(0361) 731916