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Aussie Exports to Look For, Wine in a Can

TIME : 2016/2/25 11:36:40

dsc00415.JPGFinally ! Thank goodness! I was in a crisis until I saw this latest clever Aussie invention! How on earth are you supposed to get pissed at the beach or on a boat without… are you ready for it?….. Wine in a CAN!!!!!

Yes that’s right- first we had wine in a box, then the screw cap to make the wine purists gasp (which are handy), now…it is wine in a can- with bubbles and without! Secondary School girls everywhere are cheering!

The flavors tend to be on the lighter side such as Rose’ and Chardonnay Semillon, but this is actual wine- not a wine cooler.

Here is what the manufacturer has to say for himself:


If you think I am kidding check out