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Where to sleep in Vienna – a neighborhood guide

TIME : 2016/2/24 9:48:43

Whether you want to stay near the best shops and markets, next to the Stadtpark or by the quirky renovated Spittleberg houses, there is a vast choice in this melting pot of a city we call Vienna. This guide to the districts of the city will help you choose the perfect location for your trip. The first nine districts out of the 23 are the closest to the city centre.

Innere Stadt (1st District)


The 1st district of Vienna is the closest to the center of the city as you can get, so if you live to be right in the center of all the action, don’t even think of staying anywhere else; it’s the epicentre of Viennese life. The ring road of Vienna surrounds this district giving it great transport links as well as easy access to the metro. There is also the Vienna State Opera House, the Hofburg, National Library, City Hall, Parliament and the University of Vienna along with countless museums and cathedrals.


From the best of the best hotels, to the cheapest hostels the city has to offer, the 1st district has it all, right where you want it. Pretty much any budget is welcome here, but remember you’re paying to be amidst it all, so don’t expect dirt cheap prices.


Leopoldstadt (2nd District)


Just east of the famous Danube canal is the 2nd district of Leopoldstadt which is a firm favourite location especially with the locals who use this area for recreation a lot. If you’d prefer a slower pace to the center and would enjoy a view over Prater Park, which is a perfect area for children, then stay here.


There are some pretty cheap apartments here, so if you’re staying with family or friends, most places will allow anything from a few nights to a longer term stay. It is also one of the cheapest inner areas for good hotels too.


Mariahilf (6th District)


If you’d prefer to be a little further away from the center of Vienna, but still in an active area - especially if you love to shop – then the sixth district may be for you. From the Mariahilferstrasses shopping street, which is one of the best in the city, to the Naschmarkt marketing selling everything from exotic fruits to cheese, shopping is everywhere.


In this area, the majority of the hotels are either 4 or 5 star and exalt luxury, without forgetting the essentials. A real bargain may be hard to find, but there are certainly reasonably priced rooms. Hotels differ from champagne breakfast to the first luxurious hotel in Vienna dating back to 1870. There are also some rather cheap hostels too.


Neubau (7th District)


The 7th district of Neubau is right next to Museumsquartier – a square full of museums and cafes, brimming with culture. So, if you’re planning on exploring some of the best of Vienna’s museums and want to experience the culture of Museumsquartier, the 7th district is probably the best place to lay your head. You can also buy multiple tickets to keep the cost of all the museums down.


In Neubau you will find some really affordable hostels, B&Bs and guesthouses. Again, probably no real bargains, but most will be within walking distance of the main museums. For only a little more you could stay in an apartment, many of which allow a few nights stay.


Josefstadt (8th District)


The smallest of all 23 districts is a popular neighborhood with the locals, especially students with many residential areas and of course the cafes, parks and monuments that are sprawled over Vienna. Baroque churches and Vienna’s oldest theatre are among the highlights of this relaxed area.


Due to the area being known as a slice of real Vienna, apartments are popular for long term stays. As the area is only slightly northwest of the centre, 5 star hotels are also great here, and slightly cheaper than the more inner districts.