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Shroud of Turin: Visiting the Shroud Museum

TIME : 2016/2/25 15:32:25

Shroud of Turin: Visiting the Shroud Museum

by – note that it’s a bit outdated, as it’s still showing the admission price in Lira!

Museum of the Shroud Open Hours & Admission

Open daily from 08:00-12:00 and 15:00-19:00
Admission €5.50, including an individual audio guide

>> I found the volunteers who run the museum to be unfailingly nice, from the women who sold me my ticket, to the woman who led me through the front building into the chapel to see (and film) the copy of the Shroud, to the man running the explanatory video. I not only chatted with them about their favorite Italian soccer team, I also got a tip on where to go for dessert after visiting the museum. Chat with the locals – it pays off!

Video of the Shroud of Turin Replica

As this isn’t the real thing, you’re not only allowed to take photographs (flash, even, if you like) in the museum chapel, you can also take video. Here’s the video I recorded when I visited:

This map shows both the Museum of the Shroud and the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, so you can see where they are in the city.