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Rome City Map Features Sights and Accommodation

TIME : 2016/2/25 15:42:40

rome-mapWhen you’re hunting for a place to stay in a city you don’t know very well, reading the hotel’s or hostel’s promotional information can be a bit confusing. What does “walking distance to the Colosseum” mean, anyway? I mean, technically, anything is within walking distance of the Colosseum. Even the Statue of Liberty, although some of that walking would surely involve walking on and off an airplane.

But really, finding out exactly where the various accommodation options are in a city – especially in relation to the sights you want to see there – can be frustrating. Now, with the help of BootsnAll, you can get accommodation and attraction locations marked on one handy map. There aren’t maps for every single city around the world (yet!), but we’re in luck because there is one for Italy – it’s a map for Rome.

As you can kind of see in the picture above (sorry for the bad quality, see the original on the Rome City Guide), the map is chock-full of everything you’ll need if you’re planning a trip to the Eternal City. You can see stars representing some of the main attractions in Rome, and then a scattering of different kinds of accommodation as well – yellow squares for apartments, blue squares for guest houses, green for hostels and red for hotels. Now you can pick out where you’re going to stay based on where it is in the city, and not where you think it is!

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, not every city in Italy (much less the world) is covered by these maps yet. But when you stumble upon a city guide on BootsnAll where you see a tab at the top that says “Map” you’ll know you’ve struck gold. It works just like any Google map, so click and drag to move the map around within that window, and use the navigation keys on the left to zoom in or out. Click on any of the icons on the map to find out what it is, and from those descriptions you’ll even get links to either book your hostel or hotel, or read more about the attraction. It’s good stuff!

And before you say it, yes, I know – not every Rome attraction is marked here. It’s a new feature, and I’m told it will only get better from here. So enjoy it for now, and check back in the future for more cities and more attractions to be added.

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