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Learning English in Malta

TIME : 2016/2/20 14:27:38

Learning English in Malta

The best combination of learning and fun a destination can offer

Learning English in Malta


Learning English in Malta is an all-round great experience. Apart from the fact that the island provides all the ideal requisites for learning the language, students can also enjoy all the things to do in Malta that attract over a million visitors each year.


Why Malta?

Malta is the only European country apart from the UK where English is an official language along with Maltese, and is spoken as a native tongue by its locals. As a bonus, “Apart from the Mediterranean climate and way of life, Malta offers 6,000 years of history as well as a cosmopolitan experience, at a competitive price.  Also, Malta is safe and, being so small, distances are not an issue.” says Marisa Grixti, Individual Sales and Operations Manager at the am language studio.


English Language Schools

The ideal location of Malta as an English language learning destination is reflected in the forty or so English language schools present in Malta, a remarkably high concentration considering its small size. Some form part of a world-wide network of language schools.

Most English Language Schools in Malta operate year-round however, some offer their services in the summer months only, since this is the busiest period. Nonetheless, most schools keep small classes, and qualified, native speakers give individual attention to students. “Each and every student is guaranteed a quality course and a personal service. That’s a promise!” says Maryse Gatt, Director at inlingua Malta.


Courses available

English language courses are available for various levels of proficiency and are often diversified according to individual requirements and purpose. Standard courses, intensive courses, business language courses or academic courses are then further grouped into adult, business, fifty plus, teenagers and kids programmes, and it is also possible to take private lessons.

“English has been established as the international language for communication, giving rise to an increasing necessity to learn the language in many different spheres. Today Malta has diversified from the traditional EFL (English as a Foreign Language) market into niche markets, such as in the provision of quality language training for adults and professionals, including Aviation English. Furthermore, Malta provides the ideal environment for full-immersion language training programmes throughout the whole year,” says Franco E. De Bono from ETI Malta (Executive Training Institute).


Where to stay

Students can choose a variety of accommodation options, from staying with host families to student hotels or shared apartments.  Naturally, the host family experience includes interaction with local people and an insight to their way of life while also being an incentive to practise the language learned in class. For those preferring complete independence, residence facilities usually include a restaurant, cafeteria, pub and launderette. Most also offer outdoor and/or indoor pools, a fitness centre, sauna and jacuzzi.

Schools and student accommodation are usually located in the Sliema-St Julians area. This is Malta's top location for shopping, entertainment, nightlife, dining and living the good life in general. Paceville, a small district within St Julians, is the definite night-life hotspot with an array of clubs, casinos, bars, restaurants, tourist accommodation, health spas, cinemas, bowling, water sports, rocky and sandy beaches … name it, it’s bound to be there! For those who prefer, there are also a few language schools off the beaten track.


Things to do in Malta

Most of the schools organise a complete package for students, from transfers and accommodation to after-hours leisure activities to guarantee a memorable stay in Malta.

Language students will find that there is no shortage of things to do in Malta, despite its small size, and no student will have to face a moment of boredom.

Apart from activities and excursions, anyone should try various fun-filled activities such as water-sports, diving or rock-climbing, explore the towns and villages of Malta or visit the heritage sites. Malta's weather and crystal-clear Mediterranean sea are enough to attract many to its shores, however its history and culture is a wonderful revelation for those willing to venture there.

In Malta there is plenty for students of all ages who wish to combine their English learning with a memorable holiday and an opportunity to practise what they learn in the class room out in the real world... the best integration of learning and fun a destination can offer. Christina Helten, Online PR & Marketing Manager at Sprachcaffe, suggests, “Discover for yourself the many benefits of taking English language courses in Malta!”

Credit: am language studio

Credit: am language studio