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Top 10 food and drink things to do in Mexico City

TIME : 2016/2/24 11:54:56
Mexico City cuisine is incredibly varied – from robust Spanish flavors to contemporary twists on Mexican classics. Book a Mexico City hotel and indulge in the city’s gastronomic delights with this guide to the top 10 food and drink things to do in Mexico City.

Basque specialties in the historic center

Generations of Mexican politicians, showbiz stars and artists have rubbed shoulders with ordinary Mexicans at El Danubio – a revolution-era restaurant run by the same Basque family for decades. Order the specialty, langostinos (baby crayfish), and contribute to the illustrious list of congratulatory messages on the restaurant’s walls.

3 Uruguay, Centro Histórico

Seafood banquet at Contramar

Bright and breezy Contramar, a Mexico City institution, serves spectacularly fresh seafood to hordes of hungry lunch-time regulars. Eavesdrop on the local conversation while feasting on tuna Contramar style – whole fish, split and spiked with red chilies, then grilled over coals and served with steaming flour tortillas.

200 Durango, La Roma

Ethnic eateries in Las Lomas

For sophisticated international cuisine, head to the refined Las Lomas district. A well-heeled diaspora of Lebanese and Argentines have opened fabulous restaurants, but the star of the show is a Japanese grill, Suntory. Teppanyaki heaven.

535 Montes Urales, Las Lomas

Margaritas at the San Ángel Inn

Sit back in the original courtyard of this 17th Century hacienda and enjoy the San Ángel Inn’s justifiably famous margaritas. White-linen tables, beautiful gardens and bow-tied waiters add to the sense of occasion.

50 Diego Rivera, San Ángel

Creative dining at Izote

A destination restaurant, culinary darling Patricia Quintana‘s hugely impressive Izote highlights the country’s best Mexican nouvelle cuisine. Artistic creations reinterpret classic Mexican treats to triumphant effect. Experience this intimate space and savor duck quesadillas or lobster enchiladas

513 Avenida Presidente Masaryk, Polanco

Quesadillas in Coyoacán market

As part of the top ten food and drink things to do in Mexico City, the lively market in colorful Coyoacán is unbeatable. Do as the locals and order quesadillas de tinga poblana (grilled cheese pockets with smoked pork and chilies). Wash it down with hibiscus juice.

Calle Allende, Coyoacán

Tequila tasting in an original cantina

A 19th Century cantina – la Nueva Opera serves a wide array of tequilas in an enchanting building complete with dark walnut counters and ornate ceilings. Take a cavernous booth and enjoy a romantic tête-à-tête.

10 Avenida 5 de Mayo, Centro Histórico 

Late-night Tacos at El Farolito

Gorge on incendiary tacos and a refreshing agua de horchata (a cinnamon-spiked rice drink) after a night’s salsa dancing. El Farolito is a mecca for locals – join in the raucous atmosphere and order the fiery salsa especial (a sassy and secret combination of herbs and spices). 

19 Altata, Condesa 

A musical evening at Café de Tacuba

A mainstay of Mexican tradition – head to the Café de Tacuba for classic Mexican fare in colonial-era surroundings. Skip the main courses and graze on light snacks to the tune of mandolin players and pitch-perfect singers. 

28 Tacuba, Centro Histórico 

Mezcal magic in Condesa

A night out in trendy Condesa should always end in the surreal drinking hole of la Mezcaleria, a proud purveyor of mezcal, tequila’s lesser-known but more potent brother. Try one of the hundreds of varieties before heading back to your Mexico City hotel. 

396 Campeche, Condesa