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Kourion Beach

TIME : 2016/2/18 17:26:58

This is a lovely beach of sand and small pebbles; the area is windy and attracts windsurfers and kite-boarders, as well as those who just want to chill out amid the unspoilt setting and backdrop of white cliffs.

The beach is around 17km west of Lemesos, within Great Britain’s Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area (SBA), which is the reason for the lack of development. There’s no natural shade, but the adjacent tavernas rent sunbeds and parasols for the day (€4).

The eastern end of the beach is unsafe for swimming (note the sign), so head west if you fancy a dip. This beach is best combined with your trip to Ancient Kourion. (You can get a taster here: the remains of a 6th-century port basilica, complete with 11 columns, back on to the centre of the beach.)

Locals rate the Blue Beach Bar & Restaurant as the best on this short culinary strip. You can select your fish or tentacled choice from the large tank, or go for a fish meze (€21 per person). Vegetarians are thoughtfully catered for with vegie burgers and various salad choices.

The beach is also home to the well-respected Curium Beach Equestrian Centre , which offers guided horse treks and classes, including dressage.

The beach can be reached by public transport (bus 16) from Lemesos.