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TIME : 2016/2/22 14:07:10


Figueres is a modern city, though its quaint historic center and suitably elegant old Iglesia San Pedro certainly make for a nice stroll. Urban explorers may enjoy a glimpse of modern Catalonia, unsullied by the niceties of the tourist trade. Most visitors, however, come away a bit less than impressed.

The vast majority of tourists come for the city's star attraction, the Salvador Dalí Museum and Theater (Castell de Pubol), conveniently located within walking distance of the train station and old town.

If you're one of those rare adventurers who enjoys a bit of reality on their vacation, you might want to use it as a base for exploring the picturesque region. Lodging and dining are relatively inexpensive, and you're a short busride away from area attractions including Cadaqués, Castello de Empúres and Empuriabrava, and Besalú.

Practical Info

The city of Figueres is rarely visited for its own urban attractions, save the Salvador Dalí Museum, often taken in on a packaged day trip. However, it is the region's transport hub, and independent travelers will almost certainly pass through, perhaps several times.

The city is connected to high-speed rail to Barcelona, via Girona, with the two major regional airports. From Barcelona, you can get trains and buses throughout the Costa Brava region. While there is bus service between Barcelona, Girona, and Figueres, it is much faster and easier to take the train.