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Santa Eulària Des Riu

TIME : 2016/2/22 14:10:23
Santa Eulària Des Riu

Santa Eulària Des Riu

This area of Ibiza has it all – stunning beaches, quaint towns, and historic monuments. It’s the second most visited location on the island (only behind Eivissa) and even has something for golf lovers – the only course on the island. Located on the east coast of the island, Santa Eulària has become known for its quieter atmosphere compared to Eivissa and San Antoni. Here, the tourist enclaves, such as the bars and night clubs, are set apart from the other attractions.

Aside from the beach and promenade along the water, there are other places to explore here, too. Carve out some time to visit the Puig de Missa, a hilltop church built in 1568. Within this complex is also an old cemetery worth a wander.

For people looking to just unwind and explore, Santa Eulària offers plenty of that, too. There’s Cala Llonga beach, shopping and markets all within the town.

Practical Information:

Santa Eulària has it all – dining, historical attractions, nature, outdoor activities, shopping and more. For those who want to experience the island without the thumping bass, this is the area to do it.