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Freedom Trail

TIME : 2016/2/22 16:46:44
Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a great way to explore Boston’s most popular sites. The 2 ½-mile/4-km trail itself links a number of historic sites, many associated with colonial United States history. The route is marked with a line of red paint or red brick on the sidewalk; markers identify stops and plaques point the way from one sight to the next.

The Freedom Trail starts on the Boston Common and visits sights on Beacon Hill, in Downtown, near the Waterfront, and in the North End, before crossing the bridge and ending in Charlestown. As such, it provides an introduction to some of Boston’s distinct neighborhoods, as well as its rich history.

Along the way, you’ll see the King’s Chapel, Old City Hall, and the Old Corner Bookstore. You’ll visit Faneuil Hall, which is a choice spot to stop for a lunch from the food court in Quincy Market. More sites include Old North Church, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground (with its grand views across the river to Charlestown) and the USS Constitution Museum, home of the world’s oldest commissioned warship. Once you reach Charlestown, grab a bite to eat and relax in one of the neighborhood’s trendy or traditional eateries.

Practical Info

Walking the entire Freedom Trail can take anywhere from one hour to one day, depending if you stop at museums or for lunch along the way. The stops along the Freedom Trail are easily accessible by public transportation, including the MBTA subway, or the T.

Keep in mind, however, that the trail is a suggested route, which means you can choose where you want to start and end, and even choose which sites you want to visit.