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St Pauls Anglican Cathedral

TIME : 2016/2/22 12:11:44
St Paul's Anglican Cathedral

St Paul's Anglican Cathedral

Set smack in the middle of Dunedin’s Octagon—and thereby the center of town—St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral is unlike any other in New Zealand. First constructed in 1862, the cathedral endured an entire century of half-completed jobs, often because the building party eventually ran out of funds. Though the stone structure is still impressive, the multi-period styles of architecture created a noticeably curious look. The architectural oddities aside, the cathedral today isn’t known for looks, but rather, for its sound. Numerous professional musicians and singers have gotten their start in this choir, and the enormous organ with its 3,500 pipes is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest. On occasion, the cathedral will open around 1pm for a 20-minute concert, and the general public is welcome to attend and experience the holy acoustics. When the light is right, it falls through the stained glass of the large Dunedin Window, and Maori, Christian, and historical themes can be found in the colorful panes.

Practical Info

Services at the church are held on Sundays at 8 am, 10 am and 12:10 pm. For weekday concerts (most often on Tuesdays), there is a suggested donation of $5, but all visitors are free to enjoy without an official charge.