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Paris Camping: A Campground In The City

TIME : 2016/3/18 14:36:08
For the budget traveler, even Paris hostels can be costly for backpacking couples, especially when compared to camping at Paris' only campground.

Located in Bois de Boulogne Park, Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne is the only legal place to pitch a tent in Paris.

Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne bills itself as "camping on the Siene," and technically that is true, though, it is a more industrial part of the river, not the green river banks that you've probably imagined. The campground has limited spots for tents, but lots of spaces for RVs, so plan accordingly, especially if you are traveling to Paris during the high season.

Hot water, large showers and clean enough, just make sure to wear your flip-flops or shower shoes, are all hallmarks of the showers at Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne, which are free to use for campers at no extra charge.

There is Internet, not WiFi, but only if you pay to use the campground's two computer stations in the camp office. Several people said the Internet was extremely slow, costly and unreliable. If you need an Internet connection, do not plan on being able to use one through the Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne campground.

Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne has a store and a small restaurant so you can grab a quick bite to eat. Also we noticed the campground sold subway passes but we found out they were more expensive than buying them in the subway station so avoid buying these at the campground if you can.

Getting to and from Le Camping du Bois de Boulogne in central Paris:

To reach the campground from the center of Paris, take the yellow Le Metro line to the Porte-Maillot station and then take the 244 bus to the bus stop in the park. From there it is about a 4 minute walk to the campground. Keep in mind that the last bus is at 10 p.m. Another option is taking the shuttle for about 3 euro that goes directly to the campground. The shuttle runs until 12 a.m. and picks guests up at the same 244 bus stop. Looking for sublimetravel photos, then visit to find incrediblephotos of Iceland and Glacier Bay.