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Sanya Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

TIME : 2016/2/24 12:01:15
Sanya is an odd place that veers from the beautiful to the bizarre. Purpose built holy temples that function more as amusement parks are popular tourist attractions and natural attractions like the Monkey Island nature reserve are reached via Disneyland-style cable car rides.

There are some beaches in the region that are absolutely beautiful and these too happen to be the least crowded. For fun in the sun and lots of activities, visitors may choose to join the crowds and go no further than the very popular beaches that are close to downtown Sanya.

Tropical Sanya offers excellent outdoor adventures. Hiking and trekking in the nearby hills is a popular option and there are excellent opportunities to spot wildlife in natural habitats, something that may not last the test of Sanya's unstoppable tourist developments.

Perfume Bay

A two-hour motorcycle ride out of downtown Sanya will deliver visitors to what is surely the most beautiful beach in the region. Few tourists make their way here since the package tour infrastructure such as steak restaurants and jet-ski hire has yet to spoil the pristine beauty of Perfume Bay.

Dadong Sea

Russians love this part of Sanya. So much so that Russian signage is more predominant here than Chinese, and next to no English is spoken. The water here is stunning and clear and the sunsets heartbreakingly beautiful. Rocky walkways connect Dadong to downtown Sanya. 

Nanwan Monkey Island

The endangered Macaque monkey species lives here and their habitat is open to visitors. The monkeys roam free here and will approach visitors and even grab food such as bananas right from the hands of tourists. A picturesque gondola journey from downtown Sanya ferries visitors to Monkey Island. 

Sanya Nanshan Temple

This place fascinates many, and repulses others. It is a hybrid temple/amusement park and though it was designed to look ancient and venerable, it was built in 1998. Trolley cars ferry guests from one attraction to the next and if tourists wish to do so, they can bang the gong of the purpose built bell tower. 

Wuzhizhou Island

A snorkeling paradise that is becoming increasingly over-run with tourist and diving tours, Wuzhizhou Island still offers relatively clear waters and plentiful schools of tropical fish. Scuba diving classes are run here too, so beginners can return home with a new skill. 

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