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Komang from Medewi Bali

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:03:59

komangThis afternoon one of Ika’s friends came over for a visit. Komang is 31, from Medewi Bali, and is single. She speaks fairly good English, is assertive and doesn’t hold back with her opinion. Komang works in Legian and lives in Denpasar, getting to and from work on her prized Honda Karisma 125cc bike. Komang told me that on trips back to Medewi in west Bali, she races the locals who have Tigers, overtaking trucks and cars. Bit of a daredevil I reckon. Komang is also a part time ‘sexy dancer’, which I haven’t witnessed, but would like to. In Bali, 31 is considered old for an unmarried woman. Komang told me she would like a foreign boyfriend, rather than a local.

I couldn’t provide one, but did send her off with a jar of ‘Belizean Habanero pepper mash’, something similar to sambal, but with way more heat. I still have a few packets of the Belizean spices left over form Toby’s visit, so who knows, maybe the BBQ will get fired up and again and some lucky guy will take a fancy to either the spices, or Komang.