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Bali Travel Guide – Health and Money Exchange

TIME : 2016/2/27 14:55:45

We have spent over 50 days in Bali now over the past three years and have not been sick once. Several years ago the expression “Bali Belly” had more meaning, as the eating-places had not caught up with basic hygiene good practices.

The basic rules are these: –

  • Do not drink local tap water. Bottled water is available everywhere (don’t buy it at the hotels as it is about four times the price).
  • Make sure you clean your teeth with bottled water.
  • Do not drink water whilst showering (one at a time please?).
  • Don’t buy food from the street vendors. These chaps are primarily servicing the local population, not tourists.
  • It is OK to eat anything at the Hotels. They all use water-distilling machines and wash all salads, etc in good clean water.
  • Any restaurant out on the street that has lots of tourists in it is Ok. When ordering drinks at outside establishments and you want ice, again if it is full of tourists it will be OK. If in doubt, ask the barman if the ice is made with ‘good’ water. He will offer to show you their water purification plant.
  • Avoid licking your fingers after handling money – I guess that applies anywhere in the world.

    Basically, if you follow common sense practices you will not have a problem. Three million tourists a year can’t be wrong.

    Exchanging Money
    Only four bits of advice here:-

  • Take Australian dollars rather than travelers cheques – easier to exchange and a better exchange rate.
  • A much inferior exchange rate is offered by the Hotels – only use if you have to.
  • Don’t use the very large number of exchange shops available (almost every shop offers the service). They are well known for cheating you very cleverly. They offer attractive exchange rates, but hey! – There’s no such thing as a free lunch!
  • In the street outside the Padma Hotel (Padma Street), is a Kodak film developing shop (almost opposite the gate) which is also a money changer (Official Govt). Their rate is always very good and they are honest.

    Also at Kuta Square next to the Emporium named “Matahari” is an official moneychanger – no problems there either. There is also one inside Matahari that is the same company.