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What to see and do in Melbourne – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

TIME : 2016/2/24 14:01:22

Old meets new in the city of Melbourne, as Aboriginal heritage still remains tucked between a progressive, modern city.  Blessed with vivacious locals, where a sociable vibe trickles throughout, the city is a bustling hot pot of activity; from daily coffee breaks to frenzied sporting events, natural escapes and trails to adrenaline-filled architecture:  Melbourne is a city of plenty.

Café culture


Not one to turn its nose up at a sneaky coffee break, Melbourne has a hugely popular café culture. The tradition came from the migration of the Italians in the 1950s and the old coffee houses of the 1800s where opium was sold and business deals were made. Today grabbing a coffee and relaxing in a hip and trendy bar is an iconic part of a local’s daily routine. Twenty & Six is a café in the north of the city, where pale, pastel decor creates a light atmosphere that accompanies the dark and pungent espressos, Americanos and lattes served by the welcoming baristas.


Sporting capital


As Australia’s sporting capital, Melbourne is packed with venues that cater to the thousands of spectators who flock to the city each month. Stadiums are abuzz with adrenaline as horses dash past in a bid to win the cup, or formula one cars zoom by in a haze of color. Home to a whole host of international events, Melbourne boasts the Australian Open Tennis Championships, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the Boxing Day Test Match at the MCG and the Australian Grand Prix.


Great Ocean Road


Demonstrating the power of time and nature, the Great Ocean Road is not only an eye-opening driving route, but also a natural wonder. Winding through the region’s countryside with the coast and Ottaway Ranges at your side, witness the Twelve Apostles: colossal monoliths reaching from the waters’ depths, their thinning base a wave away from collapse. Visit the World Surfing Championship site, Bells Beach, and pass through popular coastal townships, such as Torquay and Lorne. Some lucky visitors may even witness a humpback whale give birth at Logans Beach.


Yarra Valley


Escape the lively city and you’ll find the undulating Yarra Valley in all its natural beauty. Neatly pruned vineyards decorate the rolling hills and verdant land, while the snaking Yarra River divides the plains like a knife cuts through butter. Inhale the views from above in a hot air balloon, with the soft, warm sunrise casting a shimmering haze over the vast landscape.


Eureka Skydeck 88


Erupting from the concrete jungle like a sword, Eureka Skydeck 88 is a striking piece of modern architecture towering above the city. As the southern hemisphere’s highest viewing platform, the Skydeck experience is like no other. By day, trace the city’s layout and by night let your eyes sparkle in reflection of the twinkling city lights below. For an equally breath-taking experience, venture into The Edge, a three meter cube that protrudes from the building and is made entirely of glass.


Phillip Island


Found on the city’s outskirts, Phillip Island is a wildlife lover’s dreamland. Flocking to the shores each evening as dusk falls, hundreds of tiny penguins return from a day at sea. Find them on Summerland Beach as they waddle to their homes. Known for more than just the penguins, however, Phillip Island also houses a wildlife park where koalas, seals, dolphins, wallabies and kangaroos can be found. At nearby Churchill Island, the Heritage Farm is a rural excursion of manicured gardens and traditional farming practices.