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Fiji Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

TIME : 2016/2/24 14:02:39

The entertainment options are limitless in Fiji. Visitors who are interested in adventure sports will be able to arrange trips to explore the lush jungles and practice sports such as kayaking, hiking and sailing, while guided tours also take travelers on trips around the islands.

After dark, many visitors head to beach bars to enjoy a drink or head to a nightclub to dance the night away. Large restaurants and hotels often host cultural performances for guests, which is a good time to see traditional Fijian dancing.

A large number of vibrant festivals are held in Fiji throughout the year, and these festivals usually feature plenty of drinking and dancing. Jazz lovers will want to visit the Sonaisali Resort in April for three days of music, while religious festivals such as Holi and Diwali offer an insight into the culture of Fiji.

Bamboo rafting

Take a journey down the Navua River on a traditional Fijian bilibili bamboo raft. Trips include a cultural stop at the traditional Namuamua village and the trip is particularly picturesque as visitors follow the river along a gorge through the foothills.

Kula Eco Park

Keen bird watchers will want to visit the Kula Eco Park, which is the only protected wildlife area in Fiji. Situated in a tropical forest along the banks of a small river, visitors are treated to a glimpse an original Fijian forest and a large number of exotic birds.

Scuba diving

The waters around Fiji's islands teem with life and the clear water is ideal for diving and snorkeling as visitors are treated to views of colorful coral and shoals of exotic fish as they explore this watery wonderland.

Sabeto Hot Springs

Located near Nadi, these enchanting hot springs are said to have rejuvenating properties. Whether it is due to the minerals in the water or the stunning forest surroundings, visitors are sure to feel refreshed after wallowing in the waters here.

Cruise around the islands

An offshore islands cruise is an ideal way to see the true beauty of Fiji. Specially catered tours take visitors to the Great Sea Reef off Viti Levu and around the tiny Yasawa islands, and this is an unforgettable island experience that is difficult to match anywhere else in the world.

Canopy tour

Accessible from both Nadi and Suva, visitors can swoop through tropical rainforest canopy at Zip Flip, the newest adventure activity to hit Fiji. Located in a private eco-reserve, this is a good way to see the beauty of Fiji from a different vantage point.


Taking place in November, the Hindu Festival of Lights is one of the most important events for the Indo-Fijian community. Diwali is celebrated all over Fiji and is particularly interesting after dark as oil lamps and colored lights adorn houses and streets and there are firework displays and feasting.


The most vibrant nightlife can be found in Suva, where there are numerous bars and nightclubs to be found. While things may be slightly quieter in the rest of Fiji, there are plenty of beach bars to drink in after the sun sets and most hotels have their own bars.