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Auckland Attractions and Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable tourist attractions and landmarks

TIME : 2016/2/24 13:58:05
What Auckland lacks in natural wonder tourist attractions — no small feat in nature-rich New Zealand — it more than makes up for with man made sightseeing attractions and a truly vibrant sense of life that illuminates many of the city's interesting spaces.

Downtown: Sky City is the pride of the Auckland’s tourism industry while on the flip side of this futuristic center is the Auckland Civic Theatre, a lavishly refurbished atmospheric lyric theater dating from the Great Depression that was used as a set for Peter Jackson's film, King Kong.

Around town: a couple of miles from the center of Auckland is Eden Park, the city's famous sports arena that will host the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The Auckland Harbour Bridge connects the north shore of Auckland to downtown and is the second-longest bridge in the country.

Sky City - Auckland Tourist Attraction

The soaring Sky Tower is the apex of today’s Auckland. This famous landmark marks a casino retail, nightlife and hotel complex like a gigantic futuristic dart. Tourists can use this tower as a reference point anywhere in the city. If you're staying downtown, you can easily walk to Sky City.
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Auckland Town Hall – Auckland Landmark

Located smack in the center of downtown, the Auckland Town Hall landmark is known around the world for its superb acoustics and neo-Renaissance façade crowned by a working clock tower. Tours are presented six days a week and the in-the-know commentary makes these quite worthwhile attractions in Auckland, New Zealand.
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Auckland Civic Theatre

Built in 1929 and reopened at the turn of the millennium after exhaustive renovations, this is a luxurious atmospheric theater that gives the illusion of being an outdoor amphitheatre, with a royal blue roof dotted with twinkling stars. This was the theater used in Peter Jackson's film, King Kong

Eden Park – Auckland Landmark

No visit to Auckland would be truly complete without a thumping rugby match or a quieter but no less competitive game of international cricket. The vaults of the arena rise in the south-western suburbs of Auckland and roars from the crowds during game nights can be heard for miles around. 
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Viaduct Basin

This is a former commercial harbor that became derelict before another millennial refurbishment that turned the entire region into a sparkling, high class residential, business and recreation area home to waterfront restaurants, offices and apartments. Some of Auckland's celebrities have homes here, and plenty of luxury yachts bob at the pier. 

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