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Tour de France Visitor’s Guide

TIME : 2016/2/25 14:50:31

Going to the Tour de France this year? Congratulations! (Oh, and by the way, I’m really envious.) It’s a fabulous sporting event, and a really cool way to see France – the race can take you to parts of the country you wouldn’t otherwise see. To learn more about the Tour de France, check out these WhyGo France articles.

You’ll need to know the basics, so check out the Tour de France for Beginners – including a vocabulary list, a quick overview of what the race is about, and a few things you can look for that’ll help you get more out of being a spectator (whether you’re watching in person or on TV). And this page has some Tour de France history, too.

This is our Tour de France Spectator’s Tips for those of you who want to do more than just be in France at the same time as the race.

Oops, you planned your trip for July and you want to avoid the Tour de France at all costs? Then you’ll need our tips for getting around France during the Tour de France.

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you’re not content to cheer from the roadside. Perhaps you’d like to hop on a bike and see what it’s like to ride the Tour route (or at least part of it). There are Tour de France vacations just for people like you.

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