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The most common mistakes on travel

TIME : 2016/2/20 12:10:50

The most common mistakes on travel

And how to avoid them

The most common mistakes on travel

It is perhaps an uncomfortable experience to spoil your holidays - all the time and effort you spent on planning this precious time of your summer, because of a hitch or some meaningless omission.

There are practical tips to follow during the preparation phase, but also some advice during your stay in one of the Greek Islands.

Before you are ready to pack

Did you forget to check your passport? You might need to renew it before the trip.
This is a classic mistake, being made even by the most experienced travelers. Your flight tickets are ready, you booked your preferred hotels, took care of all the connections between the islands, your boat tickets, even rented a car for the days of your stay.

And all the above, months before your vacation period. But sometimes, we only check out our travel documents just a few days before the departure.
For many of you, and the European citizens in general, the renewal process is usually simple and not time consuming. But if you come from a country which is not a Member-State of the Schengen Agreement, then you need to have a valid visa to enter Greece.

Think carefully all the places, or the attractions you want to visit. Check our Events section for activities that take place during your stay.
Make your own plan, based on the preferences, or the ability to move from one place to the next.
Use a shortlist of nearby locations, or reserve some time to enjoy a refreshing coffee, a glass of wine, or admire the picturesque colors of the Aegean's sunset. You don't always have to be stuck in an endless queue in front of a museum.

When you are ready to pack, reserve some space for a spare pair of shoes and a good pair of flip flops for the hot summer days.

The most common mistakes on travel   During your stay

Relax... !!!
Traveling - especially abroad - is mainly an opportunity to enjoy and have fun, a collection of moments and images, a chance to experience new things, flavors and customs. The exhaustion is not the best souvenir for your way back home.

Have always with you a color copy of your passport, an electronic version (scanned file) stored in your tablet or the smart phone, and don't keep all the cash or travelers checks in your wallet. Always reserve some money in case you loose it.

Also be careful with your cameras, mobile phones, or other electronic devices. Don't leave them unattended on restaurant's or coffee-shop's tables.

The most common mistakes on travel

Leave for a while your camera aside. Enjoy the moment, the scenery or the waterfront with your friends and family. Moreover, nobody wants to see 10,000 photos from your summer vacation.

We all like small souvenirs from our trips. If you go for shopping, there is always the chance to get a better price. The haggling may be fun, but ... don't become importunate. An extra 50 cents will not save your budget.

Our last advice is to avoid buying any heavy or large items. No matter how attractive this may be for your private collection, it will be difficult to carry it back to the airport, fit it in your suitcase, or will cost you a fortune with the extra weight of your luggage.

Enjoy your planning, and we hope to see you soon in one of our beautiful islands.