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First Italy Logue Photo Contest

TIME : 2016/2/25 15:42:02

photographerThe Italy Logue has been up and running now for just over a year, so I think it’s time to celebrate with our first Italy Logue contest. This one is going to be simple, so you should all enter it. Really.

First Italy Logue Photo Contest

Yes, folks, it’s a photo contest! While I’m here in Italy happily snapping pictures to be added to our Italy Photos page, I’m also excited to see what pictures you’ve taken in Italy. So as long as you took the photo, it’s good enough for me.

The photos can be of anything, so long as they were taken somewhere in Italy (or the city-states within its borders, like San Marino or the Vatican). You’ll just need to tell me where you took the picture (city and sight/attraction/restaurant/etc. if applicable) and when you took it. The contest will run throughout my trip – the final date to send me entries is March 31, 2008 by midnight Pacific Time, and I’ll announce a winner on April 7, 2008. I may choose to narrow the choices down to a few and poll my co-workers, but I’ll maintain veto authority. I’m a control freak, what can I say?

Send your photos to me at [email protected] – please try to keep them under 2MB per image. And remember to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email address (so I can reach you if you’re the winner)
  • Where you took the picture (including city and what the photo is of)
  • When you took the picture
  • Any thoughts/memories about the photo that you want to share (optional)

vucciriaAnd now for the prize! You’re all wondering about the prize, aren’t you? Well, I’ve reveiewed several books about Italy on the Italy Logue, and because this is a photo contest I wanted to make sure the prize was a book of photos. So the winner of the first Italy Logue Photo Contest will get my copy of “Vucciria” by Mauro d’Agati. It’s a gorgeous book about a largely un-visited neighborhood of Palermo – the perfect addition to any Italophile’s book collection, and any photography lover’s gallery of inspiration.

Now, I haven’t run a contest here before, so I’m just going to say that the “usual rules apply,” including the one that says no one who works for, is related to anyone who works for, or is affiliated with the Italy Logue can enter or win. (You know who you are.) I’m going to limit this to no more than five photos per person and see if anyone complains wildly that they can’t choose between their seven favorites or something (I’m not expecting that). By submitting your photo(s), you are giving BootsnAll permission to use and distribute the photo as it sees fit (attributed to you). Also, all submissions will be posted on the Italy Photos section of the Italy Logue, so just by entering the contest you’re granting your permission for me to use your photo on the Italy Logue (attributed to you). If you’ve got any other questions about rules or whatever, please email me.

In bocca al lupo!