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TIME : 2016/3/18 10:29:45

The summer is here and it’s time for travel, but what to pack? Too much and you are carrying around heavy bags filled to the brim with things you are not going to need, but pack too little and you’ll find yourself running to the local store to buy essentials that you know you have at home. It’s not just what you pack that matters, though, it’s how you pack it! So here are top ten tips on the best way to pack when you are traveling:

1. Stop the last minute packing panic by making a travel packing list

One of the most obvious travel packing tips that there are and yet the most often forgotten is – make a travel packing list. Well, before you travel, take the time to sit down and make a list of everything that you will need. Then, sit down again, and cross all the things off that you don’t really need! Making a list will make sure that you don’t forget a thing and will stop the last minute packing panic.

2. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them

Any seasoned traveller will tell you that you get far more into a suitcase, if you tightly roll your clothes, rather than fold. Even if it’s heavier, one suitcase is easier to carry through immigration, than three, right?!

3. Never put valuables in your check in luggage

Another one of great travel packing tips is this – always keep essential items like money, passport and keys in your carry-on luggage and never put them in your checked in baggage. Apart from the potential dishonesty of some baggage handlers, millions of pieces of baggage, all around the world, simply disappear into a mysterious baggage black hole that no luggage ever seems to re-appear from!

4. Always check the airlines baggage allowances and policies

Next good travel packing tip is – check carefully what your airline will permit you to take on board as baggage. If you go over the airlines baggage allowance, it can be really expensive, so don’t get caught out.

5. Remember, you can wash clothes while you are away.

If you are going on a long trip, then don’t forget that you could actually wash clothes, while you are away, you don’t have to pack a clean change of clothes for every single day. All decent hotels have a laundry service, or you could wash clothes yourself.

6. Spread your belongings between family members or friends

Another one of great travel packing tips is to spread your belongings. It seems logical to pack your clothes and belongings in one suitcase for each person, right? But, then, when one person’s baggage gets lost, that person has no clothes at all to wear. It’s better to share the clothes between the people travelling, that way everyone should have at least something clean to wear on their vacation!

7. Don’t take a month’s worth of moisturiser

Another one of valuable travel packing tips is this – it’s worth buying small containers of toiletries like moisturiser, shampoo and the like. There is no point in carrying the extra weight of large bottles and jars of cosmetics around with you, and then bringing them back home again.

8. Don’t over pack carry-on luggage

Restrict your carry-on luggage to valuable items and essentials for the fight only. It’s embarrassing for you, when your luggage won’t fit into the overhead lockers on the aeroplane, and it’s annoying to other travellers while they have to stand in the isle and watch you try.

9. Don’t lock your checked in luggage

Unfortunately, if someone is going to steal your belongings, then a lock on the suitcase is not going to stop them. It’s actually better not locking your luggage or, if your bag is selected for a random security check, they will break the lock to see inside anyway.

10. Don’t forget the security checks

Next good travel packing tip is this – remember that even the most innocuous of items can trigger a security alert, so think about the security checks when you pack, especially when packing your carry-on luggage. Sharp nail files, cigarette lighters, even some types of souvenirs that you bring home with you, could bring you a lot more attention at the airport, than you wanted.

What are your top travel packing tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!