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New York City

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New York City

New York City

What isn't New York City known for? Whether it's fashion, culture, food, nightlife, history, entertainment or just the chance to try a completely novel experience, you'll find it in NYC.
What's important to understand about this iconic city is that every borough and neighborhood has its own personality and offerings. While East Village has a rich musical past, West Village played an important role in equality for the LGBT community. SoHo is great for shopping, while the Meatpacking District is great for a posh night on the town.
Many of the local attractions have rich histories worth exploring beyond snapping a photo. Did you know that before 1904 Times Square was known as Longacre Square, full of factories, bordellos and stables? Or that the site where Rockefeller Center sits was originally supposed to be the home of the Metropolitan Opera? While the city offers much to explore on the surface, it's worth digging further. Manhattan is the epicenter of it all, with important sites like Broadway, the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Times Square and Saint Patrick's Cathedral. That being said, the outer boroughs have also been attracting celebrity chefs, top designers and residents wanting to invest in the land, so spend some time there as well.
The Big Apple is always changing. While we can always count on that beautiful skyline full of diverse and historical buildings, it's also a sure bet that you'll discovery something new every time you step into the city streets, whether that be while wandering  through open-air art alleys in Bushwick, Brooklyn; savoring a gospel brunch is Harlem; wandering Flushing, Queens, on a regional Chinese food tour; indulging in the many innovative dessert shops in West Village; getting lost in the Bronx' Van Cortlandt Park; or riding the Staten Island Ferry for a unique view of the Statue of Liberty. 

Practical Info

There are a number of ways to get around NYC and explore the sites. The most economic way is via the subway, which costs $2.50 per ride + $1 for the MetroCard (you'll save some money purchasing rides in bulk). Taxis are also an option, although more expensive. Booking a tour is also a smart option, allowing you to see a number of sites in a short amount of time without having to navigate unfamiliar terrain.