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Black Rock Lodge - San Ignacio, Belize

TIME : 2-29 9:35:22
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Arrival in Paradise

We arrived at the entrance to the Black Rock Lodge at night, in the middle of a terrible storm, after 48 hours of travel and even less sleep. Our rental Jeep couldn't make it on the dirt road to the Lodge because of a raging river that had washed out a significant part of it so we drove in with the helpful staff that were waiting for us. They ensured that we made it safely to the hotel where we were immediately guided to a table on the covered patio and served a delicious meal. When we woke up the next morning, the previous night's arrival felt like a dream. We wandered back out to the patio to discover that it overlooked a giant mountain with a rushing river. But the best part were these two Collared Aracari Toucans that were enjoying their breakfast of fresh fruit directly below our table. Each morning they entertained us as we soaked in our lush surroundings in paradise.