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Imperial Hotel Express: Kenya’s Hottest New Hotel in Kisumu

TIME : 2016/2/25 17:10:25
Annette Mumbi

The weather in Kisumu is often typical of a Lakeside City. The sun, especially at midday, does not know how to be subtle. It scorches and drains, and just when the blazing is at its peak, the mid-afternoon showers take over, sometimes ending just before sunset.  After a day of bustling about the City, you want to check in to a place that locks out the entire flurry – A place like the new Imperial Hotel Express on Oginga Odinga Street, in Kisumu’s CBD.

     Photo by @odarigerald

Imperial Hotel Express is hard to miss, especially in the night. The ultra-modern building is quite the charm; with the outside well-lit by fluorescent fixtures and the inside featuring warm lighting and soft shades that make walking in such a breath of fresh air.

Photo source: Imperial Hotel Express Facebook

Lots of things will make a striking first impression, especially for first time guests. At the lobby, it will be the beautiful artwork and lighted polished wood embellishments on the walls that will distract you make check in feel so fast and seamless. The lobby space, which takes on an urbane design, has this sense of stillness that is soothing and inviting, and which stays on with you even in the rooms. Just like the free high speed Wi-fi which is accessible from everywhere.

On the hallways, after you leave the lift, the lighting which is designed to light up on sensing motion, will brighten up your walkway with every step. The idea is to conserve energy, so that the lights are only on when needed, but there is something about that automation that will stay with you, and get you to return.

Photo by @odarigerald

The entire building is designed to lock out the noise and bustle of the streets below, and the rooms are exceptionally cozy, peaceful and conducive –for work or sleep. A vibrant green colour adds to décor on the hallways, and it reminds you, albeit subtly, of the lengths that the Hotel has gone to use green energy and conserve the environment.

The décor in the rooms, which comprises of hues of black, white and gray, extends to the beddings and headboard, drapery and even the work desk. The perfect blend of this gray-scale theme with the wooden floors, coupled with the striking art pieces on the walls must be what makes the rooms feel so exquisite. Add the immaculate washroom area with a walk-in shower, contemporary fittings and faucets, and complimentary toiletries, and you will understand why the $50 average price is such great value.

The work table in the rooms is a decent and convenient workspace, where you can work comfortably throughout your stay. A bottle of water is provided there as well, and thanks to the design of the table, you do not have to worry about spills on your work. There are modern closets in each room, complete with a safe where you can keep your valuables. The Wi-fi deserves a second mention, and if you are on the internet a lot, you are bound to enjoy your stay. There are over 50 rooms for single or double occupancy (including twin rooms), and some are designed for use by physically disabled guests. There are small conference rooms where guests can hold meetings as well.

The Imperial Hotel Express is under the same brand as the bigger Imperial Hotel that is on Jomo Kenyatta Highway, in Kisumu CBD. There is therefore the guarantee of quality accommodation, service and food from the brand that has been in Kisumu’s hospitality industry for over 30 years.

Imperial Express is based on a different concept and only offers Bed and Breakfast terms, therefore targeting guests likely not to spend the day in the Hotel –like those on business or on Transit through Kisumu –who often have to pay more for high end hotel extras that they don’t get to use. As a bonus, guests staying at the Imperial Express can still access facilities like the swimming pool, gym and Spa at the Imperial Hotel up the street.

The Imperial Express redefines ‘Bed and Breakfast’ in Kenya by offering posh accommodation and nutritious Continental breakfast at such great value. Continental breakfast has a variety of healthy meal options and is most definitely very delicious and filling. The dainty restaurant  where breakfast is served is a great place to start your day, and you can go up to the rooftop for some great views of Lake Victoria when you have some time to spare.

Photography by @odarigerald

Choose Imperial Hotel Express if you want quality high end accommodation and amenities at great value when in Kisumu. You will get exactly that, with add-ons like convenience and efficiency.  In addition, you get to have discounted buffet breakfast or other meals at the Victoria Terrace or Florence restaurant at the Imperial Hotel up the street.  You definitely cannot go wrong by choosing the Imperial Hotel Brand when in Kenya’s Western Tourism circuit.

Imperial Hotel Express is located in the central business district along Oginga Odinga Road, opposite bankers square. Visit:

Photography by @odarigerald