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Amazing Race comes to Bali

TIME : 2-25 14:09:19

Reality TV show, The Amazing Race came to Bali recently, as one fan reports.

For those who haven’t seen The Amazing Race, it is an amzing show. Teams of 2 start out at the same location, with the same amount of cash. They follow clues, perform taks and try to make it to the next rendezvous point, without being last. The thing that makes it fun, it that it covers the globe, and takes in some wonderful locations.

As IndraPr reports, Jakarta and Bali were 2 of the recent pit-stops. As he mentions, the frist task the teams had to face in Bali, was digging sand pits on Kuta Beach. I down there 3 days ago taking photos of surfing and the sun was scorching. Can’t imagine how it would be, to have to work in that heat. Things got better though, and the teams went up to Ubud for some rafting.

For people thinking about rafting right now, the rivers are runing but it hasn’t rained properly for a long time. Best to wait a month or so.