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Just Back from Las Vegas: Paige Davis

TIME : 2016/2/29 16:33:56
Just Back from Las Vegas: Paige Davis Tammy Kennedy 'Vegas has the most incredible entertainment—talking statues, volcanoes. I'm a sucker for that ooh and aah factor.'

OCCUPATION Host of Trading Spaces, the home-redesign show on TLC with a cult following
HOME BASE New York City
STRIP TEASE "Before Trading Spaces, I was in the national tour of Chicago and lived in Vegas for about eight months. When friends visited, I'd take them on a tour of the Strip—white tigers at the Mirage, the mini-Arc de Triomphe, cool hotels like the Tropicana—so they'd get that gigantic-amusement-park feel. I was married here, too, so I love coming back."
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS "The best hotel, hands down, is the Bellagio [3600 Las Vegas Blvd. S.; 888/987-6667 or 702/693-7111; doubles from $159]," says Davis, who was recently in town to film an episode of the series. "How could you not be captivated by the handblown glass flowers hanging from the lobby ceiling?The paintings at the Picasso restaurant?And don't get me started on the fountains!"
—David Murphy